Green Building Costs the Same as Traditional Construction

November 3rd, 2013

A report by UK-based M&G Investments claimed that the cost of green building is competitive when compared to traditional construction.

The report, Creating a Better World, The Case for Green Buildings, revealed that green buildings should not cost more than traditional building methods, provided that cost and environmental strategies were considered at the project’s outset.

By taking a “long-term view” of construction for commercial property, and translating that philosophy into more immediate short-term actions, the energy savings delivered would typically offset any additional cost of construction within a reasonable time frame, the report noted.

Factors such as more qualified personnel and better tools mean that green building methods are becoming increasingly popular due to improved cost effectiveness.

Strong project management and leadership is essential to developing more environmentally sustainable projects, and to removing the barriers that exist regarding investor perceptions that incorporating sustainability meant additional costs and complications.