Making the Most of a Property’s Aspect and Lighting

December 23rd, 2013

Investors should make the most of a property’s aspect and lighting, no matter if it’s facing the north or south, or the east or west, according to Property Observer.A north-facing property is more desirable as it receives more sunlight during

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Property Buyers at Risk from Misleading Auction Clearance Rates

December 4th, 2013

Property buyers are at risk from misleading auction clearance rates, according to strategist Mark Bayley of AquAsia. Real estate agents report only a fraction of auction results, which are biased and could lead buyers into the property market withou

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Negative Gearing – Should it be Changed or Not?

December 3rd, 2013

In the property market, negative gearing is good for investors and homeowners, but bad for renters and first home buyers. Here’s what the property experts have to say about changing or not changing negative gearing, thanks to Property Observer. Ac

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Property Developers Must Factor In Climate Change Or Deal With The Legal Consequences

December 3rd, 2013

Property developers who do not take into account the serious long term consequences of climate change when constructing new building projects face the risk of their development applications being rejected, according to The Fifth Estate. This was hig

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First Home Buyers Reval Their Savings Plans

December 2nd, 2013

Most first home buyers were prepared to sacrifice lifestyle and save for just two years before buying their first home, a Mortgage Choice survey revealed. The 2013 survey, which recorded first home buyers' future intentions, found that 83% were prep

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