Research Reveals Priorities for Australians in Cities

June 25th, 2013

A new study explored what Australians are most looking for from their cities. The engineering and consulting firm MWH conducted the study in order to determine what people deem most important for comfortable city living.

The study, entitled Your Life, Your Home, Your City – the Future of Australia’s Liveable Cities, shows that the most important considerations for people are access to work, emergency services and healthcare facilities.

The study revealed that these issues are even more important than factors such as aesthetics, access to education facilities, culture and the environment in deciding where to live.

Mark Bruzzone, Australia regional director of government and infrastructure at MWH, said the study found that regardless of whether they live in the city or outback, a key issue for Australians is simple access to the amenities they want. These include medical facilities and transportation infrastructure.

Mr Bruzzone said that the study found that a majority of Australians are concerned about the environment and think that the government should be doing more to transition to renewable energy. Particularly, 90% of respondents believed that unused government land should be developed for renewable energy generation, particularly wind and solar power.