Asia-Pacific Investors Choose Australia

May 30th, 2013

The biggest investor market for the Asia-Pacific region is Australia, with 45% of all property investment in the region going into the country.

The next biggest investment market is Japan with 19%, followed by China with 18%. Australia is said to be the most popular place for an investment property in the Asia-Pacific region because of its high yields, transparent market, efficient regulations and solid economic fundamentals.

Since 2007 a trend has emerged where there are more offshore buyers investing in the Australian market than selling. This trend looks set to continue its upward trajectory and has become more pronounced in the past three years.

These statistics come from Jones Lang LaSalle, a real estate service provider. The company’s head of research and development, David Rees, said that 29% of Australia’s property investment came from offshore investors.

“Australia punches well above its weight in terms of direct investment,” he said.

Rees believes that Australia will see an increasing amount of offshore investors, drawn by the country’s long-term growth prospects. He added that this increase is part of a global trend as investors are looking to smaller real estate markets to fill out their portfolios.



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