Monthly Sydney Property Insights

Curtis Associates were engaged to help me find and buy my first home, a difficult proposition as I knew my budget but was going to have to live in a completely new area to afford the large family home I was hoping for.

I chose Curtis Associates with confidence as they offered the most help in choosing an area to live (rather than just a house in a specific suburb) and I was impressed with the depth of their due diligence process which appeared to exceed the other buyers agents I spoke with.

The assistance Chris and his team provided was invaluable, often friends ask me if using a buyers agent was worth the money in terms of a discount on the house price, but where the greatest value lay was that Chris took the time to work out what I really wanted in a home and lifestyle (versus the things I had initially said) and steered me to an area of Sydney I hadn’t even considered in the Sutherland Shire. Working with Curtis Associates also felt like having a personal property advisor with Chris and I in touch daily and the advice invaluable when it came to choosing where to live and what sort of house to buy.

I’m positive we also achieved a good price for the house, where Chris masterfully lined up all the due diligence and building inspections as well as digging to find out the sellers real motivations so we could make an offer before anyone else got a chance. The sale was contracted on the day of the first open home and had it gone even a week longer the competition would have likely put it out of my price range. It was a relief to turn the negotiation over to Chris whose expertise was clear, without him I would not have kept my nerve through the stressful and difficult process.

But most important to me is the fact every day I wake up in paradise with gorgeous water and bushland views and wildlife when if I’d gone it alone I would be living in suburbia in Sydney’s South West. For a first home it feels like I’ve hit the jackpot, and for that I can’t thank or recommend Chris and Curtis Associates highly enough.

Louise Johnston



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