Monthly Sydney Property Insights

I decided to engage a buyers’ agent after having no success in finding a suitable home to purchase. I googled “Best Buyers’ agent”, and Chris Curtis’ name was at the top of the list. Google was spot on. After reading Curtis Associates website thoroughly, including reading every testimonial, I had a clear idea of the way Chris operates. I also reviewed a number of other buyers’ agents’ websites, but concluded that there were no other contenders for our purposes.

Time of initial enquiry to purchase of a blue-chip property that met all our stringent criteria was 21 days. This was extraordinary, considering our specific needs and the current global situation with Covid-19, which rapidly deteriorated during the time of our search. Chris impressed us with his intelligence, ability to synthesise and communicate complex information and provide astute advice that was evidence-based. But more importantly, he did so with the utmost respect, openness and integrity. We were deeply impressed with both what he was able to achieve and the manner in which he did so.

In a difficult and expensive property market, at times of unprecedented uncertainty, it gave us great confidence to purchase having Chris on our side. His service was invaluable. Chris’ unique skill-set from his background as a barrister and in finance were evident in his analysis of our needs, his advice and in the way he successfully negotiated for us. Knowing that someone of Chris’ calibre was working unceasingly for us (we would receive emails within minutes of our queries) gave us great comfort. We knew he had our best interests at the forefront. A heartfelt thank you to the best buyers’ advocate ever – we never want to purchase another property without you!

Dr Karen Chia



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