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Australia has been identified as a leader in real estate sustainability.

The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark gathers data from 46 countries, covering 49,000 properties. The report found that Australia continues to lead in sustainability performance and was the only region to be awarded Green Star status.

GPT was named the 2013 Leader for Sustainability Performance. CEO Michael Cameron said it was pleasing to receive the award. He also said it affirmed the fact that sustainability didn’t have to come at the cost of commercial return, with both its funds achieving the highest returns amongst peers in their group.

The Commonwealth Property Office Fund was also declared the leading real estate investment fund. Fund manager Charles Moore said the organisation also believed that sustainability makes good commercial sense.

Surprisingly, Europe fell behind other regions in reducing energy use. North America led the way with a 6.6% reduction in power use and 4.8% reduction in carbon emissions.




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