The Hindsight Test™

We apply The Hindsight Test™ as a performance benchmark – we believe the only sound benchmark of the monetary value we add as a buyers’ agent is not through the baseless claim others make that we will ‘save you money.’

Instead, we test our purchasing track record against purchases/sales within the succeeding six months of closely comparable properties to see if we have made capital gains for our clients.

Revealingly, we are the only Sydney buyers’ agent which follows this simple methodology.

For us, The Hindsight Test is an essential KPI by which we constantly test and refine our buying strategies.

For you, it is a transparent and evidence based measure of the ROI on our fees which easily  distinguishes those fees from the other transaction costs you have to bear.

Applied to past matters, it shows that many of our clients have made capital gains several times in excess of their investment in our fees. Indeed, for every property we have purchased both by private treaty and at auction from 2007 to date for which there has been a comparable purchase/sale within six months after our purchase, we have passed The Hindsight Test.

And we have done so all over Sydney, at all price points and through all economic cycles including the GFC.


By a combination of leveraging the results of our due diligence as well as superior private treaty negotiating techniques (which typically account for over 75% of all purchases) and auction bidding strategies; both of which have shifted the balance of power in favour of our property buyer clients.

Further, in the last quarter of 2016 and continuing into 2107, most purchases made under our most popular “We Find We Buy” suite of services were off market which, in addition to expanding our clients’ choice of properties, helped keep down the prices they paid by redressing the imbalance between the demand for and supply of quality real estate.

During our free initial consultation, we will take you through numerous examples from past and recent matters (addresses never disclosed) showing the capital gains our clients have made as a multiple of our fees in every year since 2007.

As with all other prospective clients, the results will surprise you.

While past performance is not a promise of future returns, we will strive to achieve a similar result for you.

Don’t let your dream property slip through your fingers.

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