Baby Boomers and before want to get it right. Not downsizing, not upsizing, but just right-sizing. That means finding a new residence that’s spot-on in every respect, including size.

RightSizers want to change. For myriad reasons, the longstanding residence isn’t appropriate anymore. That doesn’t mean going down in quality, size or specifications. If anything it should be a positive change that adds to the quality of life.

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Who are we talking about?

RightSizers aren’t always an empty-nesting couple, though plenty is. Finding the right size can be single, self-employed professionals looking for a lower maintenance home closer to the city. Or they can be finishing a complex, long phase of employment linked to a location like politicians and senior corporate executives. But many are the newly-defined, retired empty nesters who have active plans for their next life phase involving work in the city or locking up and going overseas. Or both.

Many RightSizers are unimpressed by the formulaic solutions provided by real estate agents and developers. As purchasers they have little or no debt plus lots of available cash, so RightSizers represent the most powerful buying demographic in today’s Sydney property market. So they have every right to be demanding.

The RightSizer property market

Unsurprisingly at this stage of life they often know what they want. It may be a stunning sky home like those in One Barangaroo Crown Residences that are as spacious as an existing home with in-house access to lifestyle amenities far more extensive than a traditional concierge, swimming pools and gymnasia.

It may be a modern apartment but with enough walls to accommodate and properly showcase a vast art collection collected over a lifetime.

More developers are waking up to RightSizing reality, but demand for new, high-quality RightSizing homes massively outweighs supply. That’s where a professional Buyer’s Agent can offer a huge advantage with instantaneous industry knowledge and news.

The location of choice is key, especially if it has been some years since going through the sale and purchase experience. So $3 million for 1,500m2 in Pymble only buys you 150m2 in Kirribilli, Milsons Point, the CBD or Potts Point or a terrace on a postage stamp block of land. And that’s without parking in Millers Point or Pyrmont.

A dominant trend for RightSizers moving in closer to the city is to be near family.

But sometimes the RightSize option is in a suburb close by within a state-of-the-art master development. That can mean keeping the same social ties, lower care and maintenance, better facilities and no steps. But only if you know where and when to look.

Selling Agents’ tricks and traps

Agents will always say lifts are quick and easy to install, but retro-fitting lifts is expensive and controversial. A DA is almost always required (not the best way to meet your new neighbours), so stress rises as does cost – $50,000 can easily become $250,000.

Agents may gloss over a lack of storage options – storage needs to be a genuine consideration.

Depending on the development, pets may be an issue, so clarity must be sought. Other developments may look superb but are difficult for visitor parking, security and communications and so discourage friends and family from dropping by. And even if it’s forbidden, how do you know the building isn’t riddled with short-stay accommodation like AirBnB?

Neighbourhoods also need to be understood and road-tested so the ambience is part of the RightSizing choice. Again a Seller’s Agent will promise a perfect world whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. How do you find out before you live there?

Buyer’s Agent advantages

All those questions – storage, pets, access, steps, lifts, neighbourhood, AirBnB and more – can be examined and clarified by a professional Buyer’s Agent who will investigate thoroughly, and who knows how to push well past the seller’s slick sales answers.

A Buyers’ Agent can also act discretely for RightSizers wanting to keep a low or zero profile in the purchasing process and in their new choice of residence. Curtis Associates has acted with total discretion for a range of medium to high-profile purchasers – from media stars and politicians through to His Excellency the Governor-General of Australia, rightsizing from Admiralty House.

Every client of Curtis Associates is accorded that same skill and discretion. Discretion is assumed to be required unless told otherwise.

And discrete RightSizers can also stipulate a condition that all purchases must be made off-market. In that situation a Buyer’s Agent is essential.

RightSizers – how to gain an edge

It’s worth considering at least two or three types of property for the next step. The market continues to bring new concepts and offerings forward as well as expected.

It’s also worth considering slightly unexpected locations. These can come into play as excellent quality and value when infrastructure support improves.

Another option is to contemplate properties with company titles. These can offer exceptional value and locations, and often suit the RightSizer’s requirements perfectly.

Above all, use a Licensed Buyer’s Agent who is exclusively a Buyer’s Agent.

At Curtis Associates that’s what we are, so we have no conflicts of interest or conflicting business interests such as property management – our only interest is that of the buyer.

Curtis Associates is ideally suited to leverage your financial advantage and help turn a potentially stressful experience into a smooth, stress-free transition. When you’re ready to discuss your RightSizing needs, we’re ready to help.

What our RightSizer buyers say about us

“From Lynne and I, again our thanks and feel free to say you have acted most successfully for us in the whole matter.”

His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia and Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove

“Thanks…again for all the hard work you and your team put into this transaction.”

Mike and Coleen

“The process from start to finish took an amazing 17 days and that was a very impressive result…
In that time 11 properties were found; seven of which were off market opportunities.
They presented the due diligence report to us…very in-depth covering many aspects that I would never have thought of.
At the auction there were four bidders…and three of them were quite serious bidders and as it approached the Curtis Associates estimate, it narrowed down considerably and then ended up being within $1000 of that.
There are fees associated with buyers’ agents and those fees I never considered them as a cost but were more of an investment…”

Dr Frank



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