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The great Australian dream of owning your home is still something we all hope to fulfil. A place where we can hang our hats, call our own and close the door on the stresses of everyday life.

The good news is that the ever-elusive goal of buying you a forever home or life-changing investment property no longer has to be a figment of your imagination. At Curtis Associates, we’ll do everything we can to make it a reality.

Complete our Buying Criteria and Brief Form, and we’ll help you find your dream home.

It all starts with a listening ear

Great buyers’ agents listen before talking. For us this means completely immersing ourselves in the needs of each and every one of our clients, to crystalise in our minds exactly the kind of home they’d like to purchase.

At our initial meeting, we ask you to send us a link to your ‘dream home’ or bring in your file, which may include pictures of the kind of places you love and also a list of those must-have features, plus anything else you’d care to share which will help in our search.



Remember, only the strongest house-hunters survive

There’s no question that the Sydney property market is one of the most competitive in the world – and with demand consistently exceeding supply, it’s only set to get worse.

But there is a way to stay ahead of the pack.

At Curtis Associates we take the time and stress out of the property process and give you more buying power by offering:

  • Superior choice with on and off-market properties
  • More accurate information about the potential risks
  • A distinct advantage over regular, time-poor house-hunters
  • Access to real, market-value property prices
  • Support in the negotiation & exchange process

Plus if there’s no purchase, there’s no success fee to pay

Around 90% of our buyers’ agent fee is charged only on success defined as an exchange of contracts. For you, this simply means you only pay the success fee if you are satisfied with the outcome our services will provide. What’s more, our success fee is a fixed amount in your price bracket so doesn’t increase with every increase in the property’s price. Past clients regard our fees as more of an investment than a cost.

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What our dream home buyers say about us

“Chris Curtis is a strategist and a magician. He moves quickly and was with us every step of the way. He was always available, read situations clearly and gave us clear options and advice. He did everything he said he would do and more. With his help, we bought our dream house. We can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Camilla Block

“We first met Chris Curtis in 2008 when he successfully negotiated the purchase of our first apartment in Sydney in Dover Heights. 12 years later when we decided to buy a house in Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River we contracted him again to represent us. In a tightly held market in which we had limited knowledge his experience and advice was invaluable. He managed to negotiate the purchase of our new home off-market which quite simply would have been impossible without his help. We would highly recommend Chris Curtis for anyone interested in an investment or owner occupied property in the Sydney region…”

Allana Sheard

“I was initially hesitant to spend the extra money on a buyer’s agent, but after having done so I can say without hesitation it was a hugely worthwhile investment and I would not contemplate buying another property without engaging Chris again. His background as a barrister and having been involved in large commercial property transactions for Macquarie Bank both give Chris the perfect mix of skills for this role. I negotiate deals every day in my business but still found it invaluable in this case to be ‘represented’ in such a large transaction by someone who is a former barrister, knows the local real estate industry inside out [and] is familiar with the selling agents…Chris was on-call to us 24/7 through the process, and was extremely proactive and completely professional throughout. His service is self funding in that I believe he would always save clients a multiple of his fee on the purchase price, this was certainly the case in our experience. I strongly recommend his services.”

Mark and Tegan

“We highly recommend Curtis Associates. In an incredibly tight market, they secured an off-market property for us in a highly sought-after suburb in southern Sydney. Without their expert help, we wouldn’t have even known the property was available – let alone purchased it. Chris and his colleagues are astute, thorough and reliable. They leave no stone unturned during the search and selection process – and the same goes for the negotiation/purchase stage. Next time we are purchasing a property, we will be calling Curtis Associates again.”

Andy and Felicity

“Chris showed us a number of properties off-market that fit our parameters and that we wouldn’t have been able to get access to without his help. He went above and beyond, once we’d found a property we liked, to make sure we were able to secure it within tight time-frames, and the flow of information and his responsiveness to our questions was impressive. It was really reassuring to have him on our side during an otherwise stressful process and we would definitely work with him again in future.”

Rowan Harvey

“Chris and team were professional and very much on the ball at all times. They remained engaged with sellers’ agents in our target market to find off-market opportunities, including some that were not on agents’ databases. Chris provided us with valuable context in a fast moving industry, and offered me additional data points that were otherwise hard to find. He helped facilitate exchange and legal advice – having someone that knows the ropes was very helpful. Buying a property in the extremely competitive market as we currently have can be very stressful. A buyer’s agent will help you cover the bases and relieve some of the stress…and Chris was great [as he was when he] helped me purchase a home in 2010.”

Dr Jochen Bekmann

“Thanks to Curtis Associates I have just purchased a sought-after property which I am really happy with in a great location, and it’s a property I would not have otherwise considered on my own. The team there really understands what makes the market tick, and was incredibly professional, honest, thorough and responsive. They knew my requirements better than I did, and I can wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone buying in Sydney.”

Rachel Scanlon



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