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Investing in property is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. Whether you are looking for your first investment or you already have a large portfolio, we can help you find a strong investment property.

We do this by reviewing both properties on and off the market and investigating all potential risks. Known and unknown risks, such as future structural or development changes, can drastically change a suburb’s financial potential.

Complete our Buying Criteria and Brief Form and we’ll help you find the right investment property.

We ensure all the boxes are ticked

At Curtis Associates, our team members are experts at listening to the needs of our clients so we can truly understand their investment requirements.

We have the experience where it counts. With many years spent working in the property, law and banking sectors, we can bring our know-how to a diverse mix of asset classes, from passive investments in residential or commercial real estate to active development opportunities such as raw and approved sites, renovation projects, boarding houses, granny flats and strata conversions.



Under the leadership of Sydney’s most respected Investment Property Buyer’s Agent

A great team starts with an exceptional leader. And at Curtis Associates, it’s no different. Previously a senior commercial barrister and Macquarie Bank executive within the property sector, Principal Chris Curtis BA LLB, AAPI has been buying, selling and developing residential and commercial property since 1987. He is an expert strategist, negotiator and auction room buyers’ advocate. He is also the only exclusive buyers’ agent who is a Certified Property Practitioner of the Australian Property Institute. An outstanding team of professionals carefully chosen to give you more buying power further reinforces Chris’s unrivalled experience.

Don’t risk making a dud investment decision

Buying an investment property, whether residential or commercial, is a serious and increasingly risky business in the unpredictable Sydney property market. Whether you are an individual, a big company or manage your own super fund, our goal is to see you achieve a cash-positive yield as soon as possible while maximising long-term capital growth. Why do it yourself when you can engage a professional to help find your property and navigate all the various risk mazes, whether they be economic or regulatory?

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With Curtis Associates giving you more buying power this translates to:

  • Superior choice: With access to investment properties that you would never have been exposed to, including private sales and off-market opportunities
  • A tailored approach: Depending on your individual search requirements, we can either look for one property or a whole portfolio
  • Better yields and capital growth: Using our experience to help locate properties that have the biggest capital growth potential.
  • A more streamlined search process: Saving you time and money by only exposing you to properties that meet your criteria.
  • Securing the best possible price: We’ll bid on your behalf at an auction if required and support you during the negotiation process.

What our Investor buyers say about us

“Just wanted to say thank you again. We are just delighted – still don’t believe it’s actually ours…We do always talk very highly of the service we got from you – I think we have sent a few your way over the years – Kelly, Laura and Gary, Alex and Russel and am sure there are a few more in there, so good to see people are taking our advice.”

Dr Rob and Laura

“Chris did a great job in a tough market with prices rising quickly and limited stock. Once he found a target property, he moved rapidly completing a thorough due diligence which gave us the confidence on our price target. At auction, having his experience in bidding was invaluable where he won for considerably less than we had expected. Chris and team did a fantastic job and very happy with the process…”

Roshan Ganeshan

“Over the past few years we have worked with Chris and his team to purchase two eastern suburbs [investment] properties [the first in Surry Hills for $1.353 million and the second in Woollahra for $2.64 million].
They have saved us from auctions, bad investments, and all kinds of stress with smart, commercial advice, market insight and a complete focus on what we wanted to achieve. We cannot imagine and would not want to, or want our friends to imagine buying a property without them.”

Margaret and Justin

“Thank you for all your help. It was a major investment for us, buying into a part of Sydney we knew nothing about. Your depth of knowledge of the location and everything else including proposed developments, transport, air quality, lifestyle, schools and future public infrastructure was of enormous help to us. Being armed with your expert appraisal of the value allowed us to enter the auction with a well-informed bidding limit. Your command of the entire theatre of the auction placed us at a great advantage over the other three bidders.
I recommend that anyone who is serious about purchasing wisely and winning should engage your services.”

Peter K

“We have bought 3 properties through Chris over a 13 year period.  Focussing on the investment properties, most critically Chris was able to help us focus on this as a pure business decision with no emotion and remove a tremendous amount of stress from the process.  This is critical, because what we may or may not want to live in bears little relationship to what a good quality investment property looks like.  Chris helped us devise a strategy around appropriate suburbs and then once agreed he was able to identify suitable properties and discard dozens of unsuitable properties, meaning we only had to view a few properties and not waste valuable time on a Saturday running from one unsuitable property to another.  When buying out of area one needs local expertise and understanding to know which are poor locations – looking at a map rarely helps and even attending the site does not help without additional information.  Chris was able to provide all the required associated information – not just simplistic comparable information, but detailed comparables with positives and negatives (including information about busy streets, contamination, noise risks, local amenities, aspect, airflow, light) across a range of properties in the area.

We ultimately only had to view 4 properties and consider perhaps 4 more on paper to find 2 investment properties both of which have left us completely comfortable that we have found quality properties in quality locations.  In the case of both properties, this was borne out by being able to rent each of them at the very first showing despite there being many similar sized (but inferior) properties in the areas available for rent.  In the case of the one property, which needed some renovation and was found off market, Chris’ due diligence (through his appointed advisors) into the work required has proven accurate and estimated costings for the work have proven accurate.  What is more, Chris’ valuations on the properties proved remarkably accurate – on one which went to auction he was within 0.3%, on one which we decided not to bid on he was within 4%, such that on the one we bought on private treaty we are very comfortable that his estimate was accurate.

Chris was crucial in both closing processes.  On the auction he kept his cool through dozens of bids against a determined opponent – we were very pleased we were not in the room and could not show any emotion.  On the private treaty Chris managed a tough negotiation through a full Saturday with the counterparty re-trading on agreed positions on several occasions, ultimately closing late into the night.”




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