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Buyers Agents Mosman

The vast Mosman postcode has numerous stunning beaches including Balmoral and Chinaman’s, extensive bush and parklands, and even its own zoo and marina.

With views to the open sea, to Middle and Sydney Harbours and icons like the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge how could a purchaser go wrong?

In most cases, they won’t. There is great value for unit buyers and consistent value for the meticulous house and commercial property buyers.

Mosman’s masks and ladders

Whether you’re just looking for a toehold in a ‘name’ suburb like Mosman or buying into the top end of the market, there are many concealed buyers’ traps to seriously affect your investment. But if you know the secrets of Mosman and how to play them, there are various ways to climb the Mosman purchasing ladder.

One Mosman is very different from another Mosman

Mosman includes five distinct micro-markets, with specific benefits and pitfalls. For example, similar harbour view area properties can show significant differences in prices simply because one is south facing and the other north facing. Nearly identical units on different sides of Military Road reveal substantial resale disparities. Which side should you buy?

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Mosman Real Estate Agents all sing the same song – this is why you need a Mosman Buyers Agent!

To a person, they’ll tell you that you cannot lose by buying residential property in Mosman. The facts reveal it isn’t necessarily the case, but they’re difficult to find in the morass of sales statistics. Yet if you have the data and analyse it carefully the micro-markets emerge. There are major resale differences in similar properties from one street to the next or even three doors apart. Why is it such a peculiar, idiosyncratic area?

Beaches, Views, Infrastructure, Schools, Facilities and Lifestyle

These critical amenities and aspects vary wildly in Mosman, and consequently, so do property values. The romantic ferries servicing the area are not practical for large sections of the suburb whose residents must use bus, car or cab. Knowing what combination of these elements influences values is both a science and an art – a specialist area where Curtis Associates has put in the time and intense analysis.

It can be done: The Hindsight Test ™

Acting for numerous Mosman clients since 2007, we always test our purchasing strategies with The Hindsight Test ™ – comparing the purchase prices of similar properties in similar locations in a relevant timeframe.

For example, in November 2015 we targeted a beautiful property that was within a half kilometre of iconic Mosman Rowers Club and Marina. After it was passed in at auction at $3 million, we bought it for $2.6 million.

11 days later a similar property, equally close to Mosman Rowers and 400 metres from our client’s property sold at auction for $2.825 million.

This delivered a 9% (on paper) capital gain to our clients in less than three weeks, which covered our fees six times over.

We mention this example because it occurred during a sharp, Sydney-wide property market correction that ended a three-year bull run and easily proved that our investment value far outweighs our costs.

View more results and case studies here.

What we always offer Mosman purchasers

As expert Mosman Buyer’s Agents, Curtis Associates have the Mosman data, analysis and experience at our fingertips. Our Principal, Chris Curtis, is not a former selling agent. He is a former senior barrister, investment banker and AAPI Certified Property Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the Sydney property market.

We are licensed only to act for buyers, have zero conflicts of interest including no other conflicting business interests such as property management – our only interest is that of the buyer.

As exclusive Mosman Buyers’ Agents, Curtis Associates will help purchasers at any investment level, but only if they are seriously committed to the purchasing process.



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