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Residents living in residential areas subjected to high levels of aircraft noise are more likely to suffer from strokes and heart disease, according to a new medical research study.

The study conducted by medical teams at Imperial College London, and King’s College London, found that hospital admissions and mortality rates rose significantly in suburbs located close to Heathrow Airport.

The risk of suffering from stroke or cardiovascular disease increased 10% to 20% compared to areas with least noise, the British Medical Journal reported.

Previous research found a link between high levels of aircraft noise and incidences of high blood pressure, but this is the first study to examine a link to heart and circulatory disease.

The medical researchers noted that the findings suggest that high levels of aircraft noise contributed to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke, however more research was needed to define the exact correlation between aircraft noise and ill health. A plausible link may be found in the effect on people’s rising blood pressure and sleep disturbance, the report noted.



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