Monthly Sydney Property Insights

“Having spent almost a year trying to find a two-bedroom unit in the Eastern Suburbs with a budget in the low ones I had seen a lot of not-so-nice places and, very occasionally, an amazing place which was then immediately snapped up in a feeding frenzy. I had gotten to the point where I was constantly second-guessing myself and also feeling totally discouraged and overwhelmed. Then my lawyer suggested I talk to Chris because a number of his clients had purchased properties through him. I signed on with Curtis Associates in mid-November and by early February I was a proud homeowner of a unit in Bellevue Hill. I went to the first open inspection on the Saturday and exchanged on the Friday – this was despite the vendor being in the UK.

So quite honestly the best thing I ever did in my property search was to sign up with Chris. What I got was 1) peace of mind knowing that my search was now in expert hands 2) someone acting as a buffer between myself and the real estate agents 3) having someone in my corner who understood the current real estate market intimately and who was unbiased and unemotional in his advice. Also someone I could ask questions of no matter how stupid. I guess most importantly I just felt really supported throughout the process.
Would I use Curtis Associates again? Absolutely.”




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