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“We engaged Curtis Associates to represent us in buying our new home. We had found THE one and felt that after buying our previous home and a large number of investment properties, we were able to complete the task without a Buyers’ Agent. This could not have been further from the truth.

My husband and I had different opinions on aspects of the home and how to buy it. We had already sold our own home and were faced either with a double move or buying the house that week for settlements to line up conveniently. We were going round in circles and the stress was unbelievable!

Once Chris took the reins, the stress lifted immediately.

A very comprehensive building a pest inspection was organised – in some of the most torrential rain Sydney has seen. Chris took over all dialogue with the sales agent and even struck a rapport with the vendor who had been a little difficult. The vendor was under no financial need to sell the property and was quite willing to rent it out if necessary.

We were kept informed every step of the way. The Due Diligence report provided by Curtis Associates was especially informative and supplied us with the information needed to sort out our differences regarding aspects of the home. The building report also gave us some brilliant ideas on how improve some of these aspects and an indication of the costs involved.

That Due Diligence report provided two very good bargaining points which permitted us to make an offer that was considerably lower than the price being asked. Along with the strength of Chris’ negotiating skills, this due diligence made certain our offer was accepted. Included in the offer was a signed 66W Certificate waiving the buyers cooling off period. As my husband is extremely risk averse, waiving this right was an initial source of great concern. After being informed of the thoroughness of the comparable sales considered and analysed by Curtis Associates, we felt reassured that the risk involved was minimal.

On reflection, signing the certificate gave us increased control over the offer and acceptance process.

From retaining Curtis Associates to exchanging contracts took only five days! We were provided with a vast amount of information in order to know exactly what we were buying and Chris handled all our uncertainties and questions with professionalism and skill.

We will not be purchasing again, whether it be investment or a home without Curtis Associates. Not only did the bank valuation come in as hoped after contracts were exchanged, five days later a comparable property sold for considerably more than we had paid.

Dr Bernard and Jill



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