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“Chris Curtis was an absolute blessing and a game-changer on our journey towards buying our first home. I cannot recommend him and his team highly enough. We first contacted Chris in early 2018, with an entirely unrealistic dream of buying a family home in the Inner West. Chris talked with us at length several times, free of charge, brainstorming ideas, and carried out extensive market research – still free – to find suitable suburbs where we would be able to afford buying. By the time we got our finances in order, however, the market had just started to decline, and Chris warned us that properties in the suburbs we’d settled on would likely lose significant value, so he advised us to wait. When the buyer’s agent you’re about to retain tells you not to buy, you know that: 1 – you need to listen, and 2 – this is a buyer’s agent you can trust.

As it turns out, Chris’s advice was spot on. A year later, after a market correction and some more saving up, our prospects were much brighter, and with Chris’s help we ended up buying the perfect townhouse for our family in Dulwich Hill. The Inner West dream came true after all!

The help and guidance we received throughout the process from Chris, his team, and the other professionals they referred us to, was exceptional. They saved us immense amounts of time and stress. They helped us make by far the most significant financial decision of our lives with full confidence and no doubts.

During our search we considered almost only pre-market properties, including the one we bought, so had we searched on our own we would never have had access to these opportunities. The due diligence process and report that Curtis Associates provides is incredibly detailed and far beyond what we would have even thought of to look into.

Perhaps most of all, we always felt cared for and confident that Chris had our best interests at heart at all times. I’m quite certain that we were small fish for Curtis Associates, but throughout the process, and especially at the stressful times, they made us feel as if we were their only clients.

Thank you so much Chris for the enormous difference you have made in our lives. I don’t even want to imagine what we would have bought without your help!

EDIT August 2020: A year later, in the thick of the COVID market, a similar unit (with minor bonus features) in the same complex sold for about 20K more than what we had paid. We’ve never doubted that we made a great purchase, but seeing how well our property has kept its value despite the unprecedented challenges of 2020 is very reassuring, and speaks to Chris’s expert judgement of what makes a robust investment – one that is also lovely to live in!”

Zsuzsanna Dancso



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