Monthly Sydney Property Insights

“I was initially hesitant to spend the extra money on a buyer’s agent, but after having done so I can say without hesitation it was a hugely worthwhile investment and I would not contemplate buying another property without engaging Chris again.

His background as a barrister and having been involved in large commercial property transactions for Macquarie Bank both give Chris the perfect mix of skills for this role.

I negotiate deals every day in my business but still found it invaluable in this case to be ‘represented’ in such a large transaction by someone who is a former barrister, knows the local real estate industry inside out [and] is familiar with the selling agents…

He did a great deal of due diligence on this property, and analysis of comparable sales data before commencing negotiations which:

1. gave us peace of mind that there were no hidden surprises before making such a big investment and

2. meant that he went into the negotiating process extremely well prepared

Chris was on-call to us 24/7 through the process, and was extremely proactive and completely professional throughout. His service is self funding in that I believe he would always save clients a multiple of his fee on the purchase price, this was certainly the case in our experience.

I strongly recommend his services.”

Mark and Tegan



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