Whether you are a time poor owner occupier, an investor, developer or non local buyer, we know where to find your perfect Sydney residential, commercial or industrial property, how much to pay and the best way to win it for you.

Using our buying record since 2007 as a guide, that property is likely to be found and purchased before it hits the open market and we will far more double the choice of properties you would find on your own. Currently, over 75% of residential properties we find are either off market or pre market.

If you do find such a property on your own and want us to research and buy it for you, we can help you there as well.

We are wholly independent buyers’ agent, act only for property buyers and do so from a real not virtual office in Sydney. With zero tolerance for any conflict of interests, unlike many of our competitors, we are not also property managers. We believe no client should be left wondering if the property bought or price paid for it conflicted with the buyers’​ agent’s interest in securing a stream of future management fees from it.

Our analytical and due diligence methods are unmatched by our competitors. They are overseen by our Principal, Chris Curtis, Buyers’ Agent who is a former senior commercial barrister, investment banker and Certified Property Practitioner of the Australian Property Institute whose experience in the Sydney property market began in 1987.

Chris will handle your matter from start to finish assisted by a highly qualified team of employed property professionals. In every year since we started , through all property cycles including the GFC, our buying expertise has helped clients enjoy their Sydney property purchases and make capital gains several times in excess of our fees.

Indeed, for every property we have purchased both by private treaty and at auction from 2007 to date for which there has been a comparable purchase/sale within six months after our purchase, we have passed what we call The Hindsight Test.™

Chris Curtis - Buyer's Agent

Chris Curtis

Certified Property
Practitioner Principal


I was a barrister for 16 years practising in high level property, commercial, finance and building law before joining Macquarie Bank as a Division Director where I was responsible for conceiving various real estate opportunities including a managed investment scheme involving prestige Australian properties.

On leaving Macquarie and becoming a full time exclusive Sydney buyers’ agent and AAPI Certified Property Practitioner, I used my diverse background to develop a rigorous and holistic approach to property buying which is now unique to Curtis Associates.

For nearly five years until September 2017, as a Committee Member of the REINSW Buyers’ Agents Chapter, I was instrumental in achieving significant reforms to two NSW standard form agreements including formal recognition of buyers’ agents in the contract for the sale and purchase of land.

Sydney is undergoing major disruption caused by massive infrastructure projects and constantly changing planning controls.

As a result, Sydney property buyers now more than ever need the expertise I offer to help them identify the risks and as a professional negotiator and auction bidder, to exploit great new on and off market opportunities.

I share my views in our CurtiseCall quarterly, our Blog, on social media and when invited to do so, by others such as the Australian Government, think tanks, community groups  and numerous media outlets including 7.30, Four Corners, AFR, The Australian, SMH, Domain, Bloomberg and Moody’s.

If you believe as I do that buying Sydney property without competent representation is yesterday’s thinking, please call me anytime.

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With our Principal being a senior lawyer, the fiduciary obligations we owe to our clients is as at the heart of how we have operated since 2007 and explains why most of our business comes from repeat and referred clients. With long term relationships being more important than our short term bottom line, you have the peace of mind knowing that if a property is not right for you, we will tell you.


Being paperless and 100% digital allows us to beat the competition by providing you with 24/7, on shore service if required.


Depending on the asset class, you can expect that around 75% of the properties we find for you will not have reached the open market. How? By daily maintaining a database of thousands of residential, commercial and industrial property contacts, lots of energy from the get go and our hard earned reputation among selling agents for working with not against them while being tough but realistic, trustworthy, well researched and above all, quick.


In addition to Sydney residential property, especially prestige Sydney property, we have expertise and experience across all real estate asset classes including retail properties, strata office suites, development sites, factory units and industrial land.


Unlike other Sydney buyers’ agents, we do not just re badge Current Market Appraisals produced by third party research houses. Far more comprehensive than a bank valuation, our unique, bespoke due diligence reports typically take over 50 hours per property to prepare and include primary research, in field interviews, on site measurements and paid on line property searches – all designed to help you know and assess the multitude of changing economic, counterparty, regulatory and environmental risks involved in purchasing real estate in Sydney.


Rather than dubious claims by almost every Sydney buyers agent to ‘save you money’, we test our clients’ purchases against sales of closely comparable properties within six months of our purchase. When applied, this simple and evidence based method proves that many of our clients have made capital gains several times in excess of our fees through all economic cycles.


Many Sydney buyers’ agents who call themselves “exclusive buyers’ agents” are also property managers. We take ‘exclusive’ literally and it means ‘to the exclusion of other activities’. We believe no client should be left wondering if the recommended property or price paid for it conflicted with the interests of that client’s buyers’ agent in securing a stream of future management fees.


Armed with the control we give you over the buying process and the knowledge we provide as support, the stress of property buying is reduced significantly.


Our Principal chatted today with Martin North from Digital Finance Analytics about the affluent end of Sydney’s residential property market

June 11, 2018

Chris Curtis was interviewed today by kindred spirit, Martin North from Digital Finance Analytics regarding the Sydney residential property market with a focus on affluent professionals. DFA’s data, like our experience at the coal face, suggests that high risks lie ahead for that cohort caused by the inevitability of rising interest rates, a credit crunch…

While most of our clients’ properties are bought by negotiation, should yours go to auction, Chris will bid and likely win on your behalf having helped you set a realistic bidding limit based on our rigorous due diligence.