Whether you are an investor, first home buyer or an owner-occupier, if you’re looking to buy Sydney property, imagine this:

  • In-depth property advice from buyers’ agents with a wealth of experience
  • Access to pre and off-market properties
  • A research team focussed on discovering the knowns and unknowns
  • Expert negotiation on your behalf throughout your buying journey
  • Professional buyers agents by your side to guide you every step of the way

This premium service is from Sydney’s preferred Buyer’s Agent, Curtis Associates.
We can help you find and buy residential and commercial property – all over Sydney.

buyers agents sydney - curtis associates

Helping you buy property throughout Sydney. With fixed fees and a great reputation, Chris and his team of buyers agents will make your property purchase stress free and easy.

The Sydney property market is always changing.

We know buyers spend endless hours searching online, have a hectic inspection schedule, and find themselves bidding on properties that still have loads of unknowns.

An independent Buyers Agent since 2007, Chris and his team have bought countless properties for home buyers, investors and commercial buyers throughout Sydney. With a clear understanding of the fast-paced and dynamic Sydney real estate market and a strong network of Selling Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Solicitors – Chris and his team of expert buyers agents will help you buy that property you’ve always dreamed of sooner and for the right price.  Our process is transparent. Our fee structure is simple.

If you have already found a property and want us to research and buy it, we can help you there.

With our office in the Sydney CBD, we are a wholly independent property advisor and buyers’ agent in Sydney and act only for property buyers. With zero tolerance for any conflict of interest, unlike many of our competitors, we are also not property managers.

Our analytical and due diligence methods are unmatched by our competitors.

We are led by our Principal, Chris Curtis, who’s an Associate and Certified Property Practitioner of the Australian Property Institute and has been buying residential and commercial property throughout Sydney since 1987.

Chris will manage your purchase from start to finish and draw on our highly qualified buyers agents team throughout your property purchase. When you hire Curtis Associates, you get 100% attention, loyalty, customer-driven feedback, independent research, unbiased assistance, and strategic advice.

So if you want to find the right property at the best price, we are the team of buyers agents you should be working with. Our service areas include Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, Inner West and The Lower North Shore.


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    Most of our business comes from repeat and referred clients. The reassurance that fact provides means you can rest easy knowing we’re on your side. We share all research with buyers, have transparent fees, and offer practical advice along the way.

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    To find and buy quality property in Sydney you need to move fast. While it typically takes us around four weeks depending on each client’s needs, our record to date is 16 hours and our historical success rate is well over 90%.

  • buyers agents for developers


    Typically, around 85% of Sydney properties we present to clients are pre or off-market. This exclusive access is a result of our reputable and extensive industry networks.

  • buyers agents for developers


    You will know what you need to know before you buy. Our full due diligence reports take 50+ hours, are in-house and include in-field interviews.

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    We test every one of our clients’ purchases against sales of any comparable properties within six months of our purchase. Where that has been possible, this test has proven that our clients have made capital gains several times in excess.

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    We only buy property. We don’t sell or manage property. This avoids any conflicts of interest and ensures we are 100% committed to you.



Several factors contribute to our success

  • A free initial consultation followed by a comprehensive and dynamic presentation
  • Regular and honest reporting during the whole retainer
  • Being wholly independent, we only buy property, we don’t manage or sell
  • Unmatched due diligence and research of properties, conducted in-house
  • Tapping into a broad network of contacts to find the property that aligns with your needs
  • Keeping you fully informed throughout the process - we share the good, the bad and ugly details
  • Drawing on decades of experience to negotiate on behalf of clients
  • Evaluating ourselves with the Hindsight Test™
Chris Curtis - Buyer's Agent Sydney

Meet Chris Curtis. Sydney’s preferred buyer’s agent has over a decade of experience helping Sydneysiders navigate the Sydney property market.

Principal Buyer’s agent

Chris was a barrister for 18 years and specialised in high-level commercial, finance and building law. He then joined Macquarie Bank as a Division Director, where he was responsible for developing real estate opportunities, including a managed investment scheme comprising a portfolio of prestige Australian properties.

Since 2007, Chris has been an exclusive Sydney buyers’ agent and, in 2012, became an AAPI Certified Property Practitioner. With such diverse professional experience, including in his own right, as a buyer, seller and developer of residential and commercial properties since 1987, Chris has developed a holistic approach to property buying, which is now unique to the Curtis Associates team.

Chris achieved significant industry reforms as a Committee Member of the REINSW Buyers’ Agents Chapter for nearly five years. This included formal recognition of buyers’ agents in the contract for the sale and purchase of land.

As Sydney evolves and grows, successful property buyers will continue to need buying expertise to find on and off-market opportunities, identify the risks and lean on a professional negotiator to purchase Sydney property.


“From Lynne and I, again our thanks and feel free to say you have acted most successfully for us in the whole matter.”

His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd), Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia and Her Excellency Lady Cosgrove

“Chris Curtis is a strategist and a magician. He moves quickly and was with us every step of the way. He was always available, read situations clearly and gave us clear options and advice. He did everything he said he would do and more. With his help, we bought our dream house. We can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Camilla Block

“To achieve outstanding results at all levels when purchasing a commercial property in Sydney CBD, you must partner with the best in this space. Chris has gone above and beyond to get our firm the most satisfactory outcome in times of great uncertainty and fundamental changes in the market. We finally purchased a prime Strata Lot off-market in Sydney’s financial core, with no other competition during our negotiation with the vendor. It was truly inspiring to work with someone with such a high level of experience, precision, and expertise. Chris brings the due diligence process to the next level and has the network as well as the resources to execute promptly when required. It was an absolute pleasure to partner with him and his team on this assignment; and I highly recommend using his services whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial property.”

Edgar Deluen, Director | SideReal Capital Pty Ltd

“I have never met anyone like Chris Curtis. I spend my work life with smart, driven, effective and highly-trained healthcare professionals, but Chris is in a league of his own. He brings a whole new meaning to the word “due diligence”. In fact, he is the epitome of “due diligence”! We engaged him when disheartened by the lack of property stock on the market…Given Chris’ previous litigation and financial background, he was able to bring his substantial intellect and market experience to assure us regarding the integrity and value of the property of interest…
Time of initial enquiry to purchase of a blue-chip property that met all our stringent criteria was 21 days…and he secured the property for us at a discount to the market. This was extraordinary, considering our specific needs and the…global situation with Covid-19, which rapidly deteriorated during the time of our search. Chris impressed us with his intelligence, ability to synthesise and communicate complex information and provide astute advice that was evidence-based. But more importantly, he did so with the utmost respect, openness and integrity. We were deeply impressed…
[I]t gave us great confidence to purchase having Chris on our side. His service was invaluable…Knowing that someone of Chris’ calibre was working unceasingly for us (we would receive emails within minutes of our queries) gave us great comfort. We knew he had our best interests at the forefront. A heartfelt thank you to the best buyers’ advocate ever – we never want to purchase another property without you!”

Dr Karen Chia and Dr Peter Wong

“Chris did a great job in a tough market with prices rising quickly and limited stock. Once he found a target property, he moved rapidly completing a thorough due diligence which gave us the confidence on our price target. At auction, having his experience in bidding was invaluable where he won for considerably less than we had expected. Chris and team did a fantastic job and very happy with the process…”

Roshan Ganeshan

“Just wanted to say thank you again. We are just delighted – still don’t believe it’s actually ours…We do always talk very highly of the service we got from you – I think we have sent a few your way over the years – Kelly, Laura and Gary, Alex and Russel and am sure there are a few more in there, so good to see people are taking our advice.”

Dr Rob and Laura

“Chris Curtis was recommended to us and we couldn’t have been happier with the work he did for us. Chris is very diligent, responsive and highly experienced. He operates with great integrity and has a warm personality that is easy to work with. The due diligence reports and analysis he produced were first class and provided us with a lot of comfort. He brought great insight and strategy when it came to making an offer on the house we purchased and we have no doubt we would not have been able to do so without him.”

Tim Holden

“After a thorough search of buyers agents, my family asked Chris to assist us find a commercial property. We wanted an ‘A’ grade property in our budget in just a few, very popular locations…Chris warned that it will be a tough assignment…Lesser agents may have dropped their standards as the going got tough but we were able to rest assured that Chris only pursued properties of the highest quality. Most properties were off market and it was good to feel ahead of the game. In the end Chris found and helped us buy an off market property to which only we had access that ticked all of the family’s boxes and one that presents a low risk with many opportunities and a strong future. We would certainly not have found this on our own. Chris is the most generous and meticulous person I have had the pleasure of working with…[His] legal background and supporting team exposed and helped us solve various complex issues to reduce risk and even called in favours with specialists to get us answers…I would recommend Curtis Associates to anyone looking for a commercial property.”

The Muir Family

“Can’t recommend Chris highly enough. Chris was incredible through the entire process, helped steady our nerves when we felt stressed and when we doubted whether we would ever get a house, he was always available for any questions we had, and managed to get us our dream home for a great price! He really went above and beyond for us, and we will always be grateful. Thank you Chris!”

Lauryn Bae

“We first met Chris Curtis in 2008 when he successfully negotiated the purchase of our first apartment in Sydney in Dover Heights. 12 years later when we decided to buy a house in Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River we contracted him again to represent us. In a tightly held market in which we had limited knowledge his experience and advice was invaluable. He managed to negotiate the purchase of our new home off-market which quite simply would have been impossible without his help. We would highly recommend Chris Curtis for anyone interested in an investment or owner occupied property in the Sydney region…”

Allana Sheard

“I was initially hesitant to spend the extra money on a buyer’s agent, but after having done so I can say without hesitation it was a hugely worthwhile investment and I would not contemplate buying another property without engaging Chris again. His background as a barrister and having been involved in large commercial property transactions for Macquarie Bank both give Chris the perfect mix of skills for this role. I negotiate deals every day in my business but still found it invaluable in this case to be ‘represented’ in such a large transaction by someone who is a former barrister, knows the local real estate industry inside out [and] is familiar with the selling agents…Chris was on-call to us 24/7 through the process, and was extremely proactive and completely professional throughout. His service is self funding in that I believe he would always save clients a multiple of his fee on the purchase price, this was certainly the case in our experience. I strongly recommend his services.”

Mark and Tegan

“Over the past few years we have worked with Chris and his team to purchase two eastern suburbs [investment] properties [the first in Surry Hills for $1.353 million and the second in Woollahra for $2.64 million].
They have saved us from auctions, bad investments, and all kinds of stress with smart, commercial advice, market insight and a complete focus on what we wanted to achieve. We cannot imagine and would not want to, or want our friends to imagine buying a property without them.”

Margaret and Justin


Autumn 2024. Lots to consider for Sydney property buyers.

May 13, 2024

The macro market This is just a handful of the conflicting media extracts in the past quarter and just before tomorrow’s Federal budget: Bulls Bears Australian Property Journal 1 April 2024 “Over February [2024] Australian household deposits hit a new record high at $1.46 trillion, after collectively saving $6.17 billion over the month.According to APRA’s…


Foreign Investors & Expats Buying Sydney Real Estate

June 20, 2023

Ex-pat and International Buyers The Sydney property market is recognised worldwide as a safe haven to invest and buy a piece of real estate. Not only is Sydney a fabulous place to live, but owning property here for foreigners and ex-pats is seen by many as a good investment for the future. The property market…



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    What services does Curtis Associates provide?

    On or off the market, the Curtis Associates team will find you the best property and the right price.

    We are here to help you throughout your property purchase journey.

    We are an independent and exclusive Sydney buyers agency offering our clients a highly personalised property buying service fully customised to your particular financial circumstances and property buying goals.

    Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a savvy property investor wanting to grab a great off-market deal, an overseas buyer wishing to invest in a safe haven like the Sydney property market, or are buying in a new area and not sure what to pay or where the best streets to live, or just time-poor and want an experienced buyers agent to pound the pavement on your behalf; we the right services offering to suit your goals.

    We offer an all-inclusive and extensive property-buying service where Chris and his team will spot, evaluate, and create a purchasing blueprint that will follow and find the best Sydney property on your behalf. They’ll also go into bat for you when negotiating with real estate agents, do all the tricky negotiating and even attend stressful auctions. They only rest once they’ve done their job and found the right property at a decent market (and sometimes below-market) price. For buyers not requiring our full suite of services, we offer bespoke buyers agent services for various stages of the buying process.

    Residential Buyers Agents

    We do everything for you. We research, search and assess the market for high-performing Sydney properties that meet your specific requirements, narrow down the options and then provide you with only suitable properties. We will also present the upsides/downsides of each property. Once you’ve identified the property you want to buy, we will develop a purchasing strategy, deal with the agents, do all the negotiating (while keeping you in the loop) and protect you from overpaying. Finally, we will buy the property pre-auction or off-market or attend the auction on your behalf. With our full-service package, we do all the legwork and will fight to get you the best deal possible.

    Negotiation only

    You find the property and let us handle the sweet-talking real estate agents. We’ll discuss a strategy and the best way to negotiate to get you the property at or below market price. When you work with Curtis Associates, you won’t overpay or fall for any sales agents’ smoke, mirrors, or sales tactics. We know all the tricks and how to avoid falling for them. Our Negotiation service gives you the best chance and complete confidence to secure your dream property for the best possible price. Let us help you create a comprehensive buying strategy that gives you a competitive edge over everyone else.

    What is an Exclusive Buyer's Agent?

    A buyer’s agent makes the property purchasing process smoother and less stressful; we represent you 100%, and you end up having seasoned real estate professionals going into bat for you on your behalf. We do all the searching, inspecting, negotiating, bargaining, and even going to auctions, so you don’t have this headache. Yes, you do pay a fee for our service but think about how much money we will save you on your property purchase. It’s so worth the investment of engaging an exclusive buyers agent. Since our firm doesn’t handle sales listings, we have no conflict of interest when extending our services.

    While the same incentive remains for a buyer’s agent as a seller’s agent, whose commission also increases with sales price, we follow a different standard. A buyer’s agent has a fiduciary duty to their client. Buyers’ agents are regulated in Australia and are subject to the same rules of professional conduct as any other estate agents. Licencing regulations may differ from state to state. However, a buyers agent like Curtis Associates is legally bound to work for your best interests. We must collate and pass on all relevant information about your property purchase to help you decide if you buy the property. As experienced exclusive buyer’s agents, we can identify properties that could outperform other Sydney properties in the market and negotiate the best price with often hard-nosed Sydney agents. 

    What to expect when hiring a Buyer's Agent in Sydney?

    While purchasing a home anywhere in Sydney can be a life-changing decision, the prices of Sydney real estate make it even more so. Getting your first home is super-exciting, and there are many hurdles and hoops you have to jump through before you get your hands on the keys. The buying process is a huge emotional roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. Having a professional buyers agent giving you advice and acting in your best interests will relieve stress and anxiety. The massive advantage of hiring a buyer’s agent is that they’ll help you choose the right Sydney property and negotiate the best price. The Sydney real estate market can be a nightmare with so many people racing around on a Saturday morning looking at properties and hassling agents about strata fees and expected prices. How will you make heads or tails of what’s going on before auction day? How can you be 100% certain what the real estate agent is telling you is true? It can be so frustrating! Hence, a buyer’s agent is the best solution possible.


    We help determine the seller’s motivation.

    The buyer’s agent will be able to determine the seller’s motivation for selling quickly. Whether it’s a divorce, a deceased estate, or financial issues, you’ll soon discover how motivated the seller is. A highly motivated seller will likely bargain with you and accept a quick sale. Having this information at hand is absolute gold.

    Assesses Local Market Conditions

    Your buyer’s agent will know local market conditions and, even more, know local market prices. They should know what’s recently sold, what’s been passed in, and what the suburban record prices are. They’ll know if the prices in the area are going up or down and be able to advise you to the nearest dollar what you should be offering. If local data is lacking within the building or local area, your buyer’s agent will find comparable properties in other buildings nearby. They’ll look at variables like bedrooms, bathrooms, the unit’s floor, a view, how much light the apartment or home has, pool, amenities, etc. Beyond recent transactions, the buyer’s agent will also look at the listing price and trends for similar homes. The Sydney market is currently a buyer’s market with interest rates rising, so it’s good to have someone who understands the volatile Sydney real estate market and acts accordingly.

    Property Condition

    You must know the current condition of the property or apartment building which can be very complex. These include the building’s profile, age, unit mix, ownership share of primary users versus investors, electrical/plumbing/roof leaks etc. At Curtis Associates, we can help you get a clear understanding of the property you are about to purchase. So you want to avoid being stuck with a lemon and paying massive special levies or strata fees. Plus, we can let you know what latest improvements have happened in the building or house and if any extensive future upgrades or improvements/ enhancements are happening.

    Relationships Matters

    In the competitive Sydney real estate market, you must go above and beyond for your clients. It’s all about reputation and delivering the goods. So instead of client turnover and trying to make as much as possible at Your Buyers Agents Sydney, we are all about creating long-term, long-lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on good old-fashioned customer service, a professional attitude and being extremely approachable. We are always there to take your calls or emails and never go missing in action! We are 100% there for you every step of the way.

    How do I choose the best buyer's agent in Sydney?

    You have to find a local buyers’ agent you can trust and one you feel has understood your property buying goals. Look at their online reviews to make sure you are dealing with a credible and professional buyer’s agent. Give them a call or meet with them in person to see if they measure up to your standards. Ask them to give you a few case studies and examples of what they have achieved for their past recent clients and especially

    i) the percentage of the properties they have shortlisted and bought for their clients in the past six months that have been off-market and

    ii) how did the price their client paid for the property they bought compare to the price someone else paid for a comparable property within the six months after they bought for their client. Did they make or lose money for their client? And make sure they back both answers up with hard evidence. Also, don’t be shy to ask for contact details of past recent clients you can call to discuss how those clients felt about them after the buying dust had settled. Make sure they also explain their systems and processes for working with you. Remember, you are about to embark on one of the most significant financial commitments of your life, so you have to trust them 100%.

    What are the benefits of using a buyers' agent?

    There are so many benefits to using a buyer’s agent, and the following are just a few.

    i) Saves you lots of time: Browsing the internet, speaking to real estate agents that may not be 100% transparent, and spending weekends going to opens and auctions all take time, energy and lots of patience. It can also be quite disheartening to lose out continuously.

    Professional buyers’ agents cut all the hassle and headaches out by doing the legwork for you. They have all the contacts in the real estate industry and will source properties that suit your budget, investment needs and lifestyle. Just think about all the time you can save by using the services of a buyer’s agent.

    ii) According to Domain, first-home buyer couples, for example, need to spend an average of six years and eight months saving a deposit for an entry-level house in Sydney. If a buyers’ agent can help you shorten that time, it’s an exceptional service.

    iii) Saves lots of stress: Buying a property is a very stressful and emotional time for many people. A buyers’ agent can eliminate a lot of this stress by taking the emotion out of the buying process. Using a buyer’s agent can mean you never have to deal with sometimes slick, fast-talking real estate agents whose job is to get as much money out of you as possible.

    iv) Give you access to off-market sales: many vendors don’t want to advertise their property on the market and prefer to sell it privately. A buyers’ agent (with their real estate agents and other contact networks) can get you access to these off-market properties. According to the AFR, there’s a substantial amount of property being offered for sale not listed online with its best guess being that such properties account for at least 50 per cent of all properties. At the coal face, the percentage is a lot higher than that. If you want access to all these fantastic off-market real estate opportunities, you should be using a buyer’s agent.

    What is a buyers' agent's fee structure?

    Buyer’s Agents in Sydney generally charge a fixed fee or a fixed fee in your price range. This fee is for the time, effort, contacts and advice they have given you in the buying process. Most people generally ignore this fee and think about all the benefits they received by not having to deal directly with the real estate agent and about the financial and lifestyle gains they achieved by using a buyer’s agent instead of buying on their own.


    Does the seller pay the buyer's agent?

    In Sydney, the vendor or seller does not pay the buyers’ agent. The buyers pay buyers’ agent’s fees for their work to secure a property, such as finding, researching, shortlisting, appraising and negotiating on your behalf.

    6 key questions to ask a selling agents.

    As a buyer’s agent in Sydney, we come across properties for sale throughout Sydney daily. But, before we delve deeper into giving our clients any property details, we need to know why the seller has put their property on the market. What’s their motivation, and what time frames are they looking to sell? To help buyers get critical information from sellers’ agents, the following are six great questions you can ask them when doing the Saturday shop around.

    1. Why is the vendor selling?

    Understanding the key reasons why a vendor has listed their property can give valuable insights into the price and what they are willing to accept. Once you have this information at your fingertips, you’ll be better equipped to negotiate with the agent and know a reasonable starting offer price.

    2) Are there any other variables in the selling price?

    The asking price is only sometimes the significant motivating factor for vendors. They’ll often want a short settlement period (they might need the cash), change cooling-off periods, larger deposits, etc.

    3) How long has the property been on the market?

    This is a crucial question because the longer the property has been on the market, the more likely the vendor is to sell. That is unless they have unrealistic price expectations. If the property has been on the market for months, then you might be lucky enough to get an exhausted vendor looking to drop the price to get the whole process over and done with.

    4) How many contracts have been issued?

    Let’s be honest here. The selling agent could pluck any number out of the air, but most honest agents will give you an accurate figure. Logically, popular properties will have more contracts than unpopular ones—the more contracts out, the more likely there will be aggressive bidding at the auction. A buyers agent guiding you through this process., especially for properties in demand in Sydney’s Eastern & Northern Suburbs, will give you a competitive advantage.

    5. How did you determine the list price?

    How did the agent arrive at the asking price? Was it based on sales around the local area, or was it what the seller thought was a reasonable educated price? Knowing what’s selling locally will help you counter any unrealistic prices pitched in your direction during the sales process.

    6. What else should I be told?

    If you’re buying an apartment, you need to know if any significant structural works in the pipeline will incur special levy fees that you’ll have to fork out on top of the sale price. And, are any structural or utility issues hidden if it’s a house? Perhaps there’s a new DA at the council for a new development that will block those gorgeous views. So, naturally, the selling agent will be reluctant to divulge any negative news about the property. Still, it’s the buyer’s agent’s job to uncover these morsels of gold that can reduce the sale price.

    These are six quick questions to ask the agent and put them in the spotlight and are vital, especially if you’re buying a property in the super competitive Sydney market. Knowing the answer to these will better understand the vendor’s motivation for selling and put you in the driver’s seat for a far better deal. Of course, this will be their job if you use a buyer’s agent like Curtis Associates, but these tips are super-useful if you plan on going it alone.

    What is an off-market property?

    An off-market property is a house, apartment or off-the-plan property that has yet to be advertised for sale online (Domain or Real Estate) and where only a hand full of selected buyers, agents and purchasers have been told about the property. The vendors may have engaged a real estate agent and have a price in mind, but they want to avoid going through an auction campaign and sell it discreetly through the agent’s database of clients. Many properties in Sydney are sold this way which is where engaging a buyers agent is perfect, as you are privy to many properties on the market.

    How can a Buyers Agent Sydney help overseas buyers?

    Whether you’re relocating to Sydney for the first time, returning from years overseas as an ex-pat or are an overseas buyer from China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the USA or India, our team of expert Buyers Agents will be able to help you purchase a property legally. We know all the laws about foreign investment in Australia, plus we have contacts with many seller agents, so we can help you buy a property in Sydney without any hassles. In addition, we are experts in the local Sydney property market.