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Ex-pat and International Buyers

The Sydney property market is recognised worldwide as a safe haven to invest and buy a piece of real estate. Not only is Sydney a fabulous place to live, but owning property here for foreigners and ex-pats is seen by many as a good investment for the future. The property market might be volatile in 2023, but if history is any guide, Sydney real estate rebounds and delivers a strong ROI in the medium to long term.

Like any investment, including the Sydney property market, investors are looking for the best deals, which is why most savvy offshore foreigners will engage the services of a buyers agent who will have an intimate knowledge of the local area, prices, and what is a fair price to pay without getting ripped off by real estate agents. It doesn’t matter where you live; Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, China, New York or the UK, the team at Curtis Associates can help you secure the best Sydney property at a great price; without a lot of the headaches and stress. The primary principal, Chris Curtis, supported by his team, is on call to help you better understand what’s happening with real estate in Sydney and update you on all the Australian laws about foreigners buying real estate in Australia.

So why choose Curtis Associates Sydney?


We are fast. That’s right! You tell us the type of property you want to buy and your budget, and we will find you properties to view within days. On historical averages, we can help foreigners secure their investment property or home in Sydney within 35 days—a phenomenal result considering how competitive the local market, especially in the eastern suburbs, can be. This is largely because of the access we have to a wide range of off-market properties from our connections with real estate agents and others that are never publicly offered for sale. So as a foreign investor, you can take full advantage of this.


Curtis Associates are the professional team who will do the job. Give them the brief, and they can match you with the best property to suit your needs. For example, are you looking for a $ 1 million + investment unit near the beach in Bondi, Coogee, Bronte or Dee Why? Or a new family home to bring everyone back to Australia to settle in Chatswood, Pymble, Vaucluse or Double Bay? Have you got kids, need a big backyard, a swimming pool, want to be close to schools and the nearest Coles or Woolworths shopping centre, or would you like to be near a park to walk the dogs? Where ever the area in Sydney, we will mine it until we find it.

We fill the gaps

Finding a good property to call home or for your nest egg can be challenging, especially if you are not too familiar with the Sydney property market or are not used to negotiating with slick Sydney real estate agents, which is where we step in. With extensive Sydney local knowledge, we can help you find the diamond in the rough and secure it for you at an excellent price.

Work with us

Whether you’re buying in Sydney to move back quickly or relocating for work and prefer to buy and not rent or purchase a property to hold as an investment for a time and then move, Curtis Associates is here to help you get a foothold in Australia.



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