Monthly Sydney Property Insights

CBD areas across Australia continually perform well on the property market. Because of this, CBD areas have been, and still remain, sought after by investors, according to Property Observer.

No matter how many properties an investor has in their portfolio, location is always the most vital factor to consider. Investing always carries an element of risk, but investment in areas that are characterised by strong employment, infrastructure and lifestyle possibilities definitely reduces the level of risk faced.

While mining towns have enjoyed boom times and may therefore seem like ideal areas in which to invest for profit, in a decade’s time or longer, there is no guarantee that these areas will still have a significant population or an ongoing stream of suitable tenants.

However, in the inner city areas these potentially problematic conditions do not exist as people always want to live where opportunities abound for trade and commerce.

Experts agree that, in Australia’s capital cities, land will always be an asset for which demand will only increase.



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