Monthly Sydney Property Insights

Even for low-income earners, building a property portfolio can help to guarantee a secure future, according to Your Investment Property.

Low-income earner Elaine Chase and her partner Tania are proof of this. Chase turned her passion for property into a portfolio worth more than $1.2 million and changed her career in the process.

Chase purchased her first property in 1989 for $80,000. She soon sold it for $175,000 and after meeting her partner Tania, they decided to pursue property success together.

From the outset, it was not smooth sailing for the pair. They soon learnt that they needed to be well informed, realising the advantages of contributing to discussions and strategic plans from an educated point of view.

Along the way, and concurrent with their successes and disappointments, the couple realised that successful property investment significantly depends on being able to confront fears.

Chase also acknowledges that a strategy needs to be in place before every property is purchased and the buyer needs to know precisely where their finance will come from. She also recommends working with an astute mortgage broker who is a specialist in investment property portfolios.



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