Monthly Sydney Property Insights

I have never met anyone like Chris Curtis.  I spend my work life with smart, driven, effective and highly-trained healthcare professionals, but Chris is in a league of his own. He brings a whole new meaning to the word “due diligence”. In fact, he is the epitome of “due diligence”! We engaged him when disheartened by the lack of property stock on the market. Within 3 weeks, we inspected 2 properties on a Saturday. Within 24 hours, even though it was a weekend, he had obtained a searching building and pest inspection by an architect and engaged a competent and personable lawyer to review the contract. We were then barraged by an avalanche of highly pertinent information about factors impacting our potential property purchase – from electromagnetic radiation to planned developments in the area and soil contamination reports. Given Chris’ previous litigation and financial background, he was able to bring his substantial intellect and market experience to assure us regarding the integrity and value of the property of interest. Within 72 hours, he had secured the property for us at a discount to the market. It’s like having your own personal barrister in your corner batting for you…..Be warned though – you need to be contactable, focused and to know exactly what you want to let him do his stuff….

Dr Peter Wong



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