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Depends where you are and on your view of cars, driverless, shared and otherwise in the near and longer term.

In typical mainstream media fashion, with some exceptions, this article fails to mention that the price paid last Monday night was $20,000 less than the price paid for an inferior one up the street last year and $74,000 less than the notorious ‘one/might have been more’ that sold in The Chimes in April 2015 when there were ten seriously furious dick swingers in the room and not just three evidently stunted ones.

While a separate Lot, this one isn’t formally approved for sale outside the strata. Heaven help the new buyer if this strata ceases to turn a blind eye when that buyer comes to sell and a certain high profile and local car space owner in the strata has driven away for the last time.

This sale confirms what we’ve been saying for some time now: cars are becoming less and less important and property buyers are mostly, not always, best advised to think twice about sinking money into them especially when you’re within easy and health promoting walking distance of the city, so close to public transport, Uber and until their industry collapses, cabs.

$190,000 is a deposit on a studio that will bring in $450+ a week as opposed to the $50- a week this car space commands if you’re lucky.

Go figure. No, actually. Go Get:



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