Monthly Sydney Property Insights

Sydney’s city centre is in the process of being transformed.

Frasers Property Australia recently showcased One Central Park, its new five-star green-designed development. The project consists of a large residential and retail complex featuring a large number of innovative and new technologies.

One Central Park is designed and built to the highest standards for environmental sustainability. The complex boasts its own massive heliostat, an array of panels perched near the top of the east tower. These panels collect the sunlight shot up to them from a series of larger panels installed on the roof of a nearby building.

The development has its own water recycling system built below ground. A gas-fired trigeneration, low emissions thermal and electricity generation plant is planned to be installed at a cost of $26.5 million.

The 11 buildings will house close to 4,000 residents and 3,500 workers, according to Frasers chief executive Guy Pahor.

The development project, which was begun in 2007 before the global financial crisis, does not appear to have suffered from “buyer fatigue,” with 1100 apartments already sold according to Chris Curtis the director of Curtis Associates.



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