Monthly Sydney Property Insights

“We spoke to a number of other buyers agents before deciding to go with Curtis Associates – we have always been pleased with our decision. We were truly impressed by how quickly you initiated your research after we first met – literally the same day we signed our contract with you. This was important to us as we needed to find a property quickly.

You also rapidly appreciated the qualities we were looking for in a home and focused the search so that we didn’t waste time looking at unsuitable properties.

Your comprehensive market research and advice packaged in clear, concise and regular updates gave us the information we needed to feel confident in making our decisions. This was particularly important given that we are new to the Sydney market.

We were also grateful that you made yourself so accessible as our busy jobs make it difficult to deal with these sorts of matters during work hours. Your graciousness at our late night calls was particularly commendable.

Your advice on the best strategy for acquiring the property was the most valuable…On our own, we would surely have missed out at auction. Your management of this process also took away a considerable amount of stress.

…Overall we think it’s fair to say that your service is exceptional and unlikely to be matched, so congratulations and thank you again.”

Milan and Sarah



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