Monthly Sydney Property Insights

Becoming technologically savvy can be rewarding if you are a property investor. Apps and web-based tools can make it easier for investors to do things like sourcing properties, reviewing returns and expenses, and much more. Property Observer listed some of the most useful apps and websites for property investors.

Web Alerts

Web alerts are the easiest way for investors to source and find their next investment. Property websites such as Domain and allow users to set up property alerts based on specific criteria, such as closeness to cemeteries, parks, public transport and more.


Property is about the numbers and investors have access to a wide variety of free calculators that can be downloaded as apps or accessed online. Calculators such as tapMortgage and Property Evaluator make it easy to do the numbers on everything from stamp duty and property costs to mortgage costs and rental returns.

Floor-Plan Tools

Floor plan apps such as MagicPlan and web-based tools such as FloorPlanner are available for those who want to create their own floor plans. Whether it is for a listing or to visualise designs and furniture, these apps will help the investor or developer quickly create workable floor plans.



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