Curtis Associates

As Sydney buyers' agents, we know where to find your perfect property, how much to pay and the best way to win it for you

What we do

Find, research and buy residential and commercial properties throughout Sydney for owner occupiers, investors and developers

How we do it

By acting only for property buyers, never sellers


  • absolute independence
  • analytical and due diligence methods unmatched by our competitors and
  • an unrivalled team of professionals drawn from high level backgrounds including valuation and led by our Principal who is a former senior commercial barrister, investment banker and Certified Property Practitioner of the Australian Property Institute with over 27 years property experience

As your fiduciary meaning that your privacy and longer term interests rather than our profile and turnover are paramount

Our goals

By applying The Hindsight TestTM to make capital gains for our clients several times in excess of our fees

To dismantle the culture of unrepresented property buying so as to:

  • put you in control of the buying process
  • save you:
    • time 
    • stress
    • wasting money on pre-purchase inspections induced by underquoting and
    • from buyers' remorse either in buying the wrong property or in not buying the right property 
  • expand your choice with access to properties that never reach the open market 
  • mitigate your risk
  • maximise the non economic returns on your investment and
  • become your trusted partner whose performance exceeds all expectations

Curtis Associates. Changing the way you buy property™



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